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From kindergarten to graduation,
a lifetime of memories

Monument Education helps preserve memories throughout K-12 education
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The ultimate photo management for schools

Effortlessly organize, share, and protect  classroom photo albums with advance privacy controls. 

Easy access

Quick and easy access for teachers and parents.

Encrypted Storage

No ads, no profiling, no creepy trackers. All data stays encrypted.


Advanced photo organization features to tag photos automatically.


Advanced privacy controls give the peace of mind.

Private albums

Use classroom rosters to create and share personalized albums effortlessly.

Bring communities together

Stay connected with parents, and communities through photos from school events, activities, and milestones.

Personalized yearbooks and graduation albums (coming soon)

Create lasting memories with easy to create physical albums.

Advanced privacy controls

Fully compliant with privacy regulations and gives parents option to opt-in or out.